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Prehistory on the Pinto Canyon Ranch


For roughly 10 years, CBBS has been conducting a series of archaeological investigations on the Pinto Canyon Ranch (PCR), a remote and breathtaking setting in Presidio County. Alongside historical investigations, prehistoric studies include excavation at a variety of sites, abundant archaeological survey and reconnaissance, geomorphological survey, a suite of special […]

Genevieve Lykes Duncan Site—Late Paleoindian Excavation


Discovered in 2010, this multiple component site contains stratified deposits as old as c.a. 11,000 years. While there is a considerable surface assemblage, numerous features were discovered in deeply buried contexts, and each phase of investigation produces new discoveries. Preliminary highlights include:

  • some of the earliest radiocarbon dates in […]

Archeological Sampling of Big Bend National Park


This decade-long project, probably the largest surface survey in the state’s history, consisted of intensive survey of over 60,000 acres, the discovery and recording of over 1,500 archeological sites and the collection of over 2,300 artifacts. Artifacts, features, and sites were documented that had not been previously recorded in the […]

Removing the Shroud of Mystery: Archaeological Exhibit at the Museum of the Big Bend


On September 8, the Museum of the Big Bend in partnership with the Center for Big Bend Studies and Humanities Texas, opened the highly anticipated exhibit, “Removing the Shroud of Mystery: Archaeology in the Big Bend.” Found across the vast Big Bend region of Texas are clues left behind that […]

Canon Ranch


Two large, side-by-side thermal features (each over 2 m in width) were excavated at a site on the Canon Ranch in June 2011. One of these contains a relatively dense pavement of stones, the other a looser pavement/stone-free center. The juxtaposition of these distinctively shaped features—within several meters of one […]

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