Test excavations were conducted at the Fulcher site (41BS1495) during two sessions in March 2005 and April 2006. Results of these investigations indicated the presence of five occupational episodes beginning with the Late Archaic period and continuing into the Historic period. Important data contributable to the efforts of the Trans-Pecos Archaeological Program included the first radiocarbon date in the Big Bend associated with a painted pebble, excavation of a stone and mortar-constructed thermal feature interpreted as a cadera, OSL dating of both native and European protohistoric/historic ceramics, and a comparative morphometric study of carbonized corn cobs recovered from the Fulcher site, two open campsites in Big Bend National Park, and four missionized Native American settlements occupied during the post-Pueblo Revolt period (post A.D. 1680) near the Ysleta and San Elizario Missions in the El Paso Lower Valley.