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In Presidio County, CBBS Archeologists Document the Ancient Architecture of Warfare

This week, preliminary research by CBBS on defensive sites in the Big Bend Region was featured on Marfa Public Radio’s Nature Notes. For archaeologists, defensive sites are an essential indicator of group conflict and help us understand the conditions that lead to war.  Link […]

New CBBS Publication: Prehistory in the Calamity Creek Valley, Brewster County, Texas

NEW PUBLICATION: From the Center’s in-house publication series: Trans –Pecos Archaeological Program No. 7, “Prehistory in the Calamity Creek Valley: Brewster County, Texas.” This book not only documents the work done by a 1996 Sul Ross State University archaeological field school, but it also […]

Nature Notes: Odyssey in Big Bend: Tracking the Continent’s First People in the Texas Desert

Dr. Rolfe Mandel from the University of Kansas, and Dr. Bryon Schroeder talk about our latest collaborative work in locating the continent’s first people in the Texas desert on Marfa Public Radio’s Nature Notes.

Listen to or read the story on Marfa […]

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