Journal of Big Bend Studies

Earl H. Elam, Series Editor

©1992  Center for Big Bend Studies
155 pages

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Table of Contents

The Beginning of the End: Eschatological Notions in the Discovery of the New World
Melinda Lang Hilsenbeck

Various Aspects of the Rock Art in South Brewster County, Texas
Carolyn Ohl

Victor J. Smith: Pioneer Archeologist
Curtis Tunnell

The Demography of La Junta de los Rios del Norte y Conchos
Howard G. Applegate

“Dear Kit”: The Relations of a Fort Davis Army Surgeon and Kit Carson, 1854-1860
Earl H. Elam

W. D. Smithers: Big Bend Photographer
Barney Nelson

The Glen Springs-Boquillas Raid Reconsidered: Diplomatic Intrique on the Rio Grande
Arthur R. Gomez

History of the Jews of Texas’ Middle Corridor
William J. Munter

La Escuela del Barrio: A History of the Alpine Centennial School, 1936-1969
Abelardo Baeza

Notes and Comments: The Last Days of Ambrose Bierce and A Grizzly Bear in the Davis Mountains
Earl H. Elam