Journal of Big Bend Studies

Earl H. Elam, Series Editor

©1990  Center for Big Bend Studies
122 pages

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Table of Contents

Mexican-American Traditional Foodways at La Junta de los Rios
Joe S. Graham

The Rio Conchos Drainage: History, Archeology, Significance
J. Charles Kelley

Madera Canyon: Historic Corner of the Davis Mountains
Robert S. Weddle

W.B. Mitchell and the Early Days of the Trans-Pecos Cattle Industry
Judith A. Parsons

John L. Bullis: “Farsighted and Keen” Trans-Pecos Land Speculator
Jim Fenton

Crisis at the Molinar School
H.W. “Pat” Patterson

Death of General Pascual Orozco
Bill Leftwich

Preliminary Analysis of the Effects of the Pecos River on Geographic Distribution of Small Mammals in Western Texas
Robert Hollander, Clyde Jones, J. Knox Jones, Jr., and Richard W. Manning

Irrigation in Southwest Texas: The Quemado Project
Robert C. Overfelt, Jr.

Big Bend Archives: The Big Bend Military District and Colonel James J. Hornbrook’s Recruiting Announcement
Earl H. Elam