Journal of Big Bend Studies

Earl H. Elam, Series Editor

©1989  Center for Big Bend Studies
151 pages

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Table of Contents

An Archeological Reconnaissance in the Rosillos Mountains, Brewster County, Texas
Robert J. Mallouf and Virginia A. Wulfkuhle

The Physical Geography of a Significant Border Region, La Junta de los Rios
Russell J. Gardinier

Terlingua and Los Chisos: The Place Names
Elton Miles

When the Big Bend Joined America
Leon C. Metz

William Rufus Shafter with the Frontier Army in the Big Bend
Paul Carlson

Cattle Smuggling in the Big Bend Region of Texas: A Case Study
Kenneth B. Ragsdale

The Big Bend’s Benjamin F. Berkeley: Physician, Promoter, and Politician
Jim Cullen

Big Bend National Park — A Land of Contrasts
Ross A. Maxwell

Little Airlines in the Big Bend: Past Efforts to Provide Service for an Isolated Part of Texas
Allen Anthony

Columbian Quincentenary Planning in the Center for Big Bend Studies
Earl H. Elam