Reports in Contract Archeology 21

Floyd D. Kent, William A. Cloud, Dwight R. Cropper, and David W. Keller
Robert J. Mallouf, Series Editor
Erin Caro Aguayo, Technical Editor(s)

©2008  Center for Big Bend Studies
56 pages

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In February of 2008, a three-person crew from the Center for Big Bend Studies, Sul Ross State University, conducted an intensive archaeological survey on a ca. 1,000 acre (404.7 hectare) tract of land north of Panther Junction, Big Bend National Park headquarters, Brewster County, Texas. The project was conducted to satisfy federal requirements prior to a prescribed burn relative to Executive Order 11593 of 1971 and Sections 106 and 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. A total of five new sites were recorded during the survey (41BS1528, 41BS1529, 41BS1530, 41BS1531, and 41BS1532). Four of the sites contain only prehistoric components and one contains only a single historic component. Features documented during the course of the survey consist of hearths and isolated cairns. No special recommendations or precautionary measures are required for any of the sites. Two prehistoric artifacts, both isolated finds (IF-623, a shell pendant, and IF-627, a stone pendant) were collected during this investigation and these will be permanently housed at Big Bend National Park.