Trans-Pecos Archeological Program

The center has developed the framework for a long-term, large-scale research program designed to address three major categories of archeological and historical investigation in the Trans-Pecos:

  1. evaluation of existing documentation;
  2. identification of data gaps and research needs; and
  3. design and implementation of a program that focuses and better integrates research efforts to address identified research needs.

This work has resulted in development of a research design and proposal, termed The Trans-Pecos Archeological Program, which will serve as a guide for future research efforts of the center and will provide a fund-raising mechanism for the needed expansion and refinement of research methodologies.

An important aspect of program development has been the creation of an assisting 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Friends of the Center for Big Bend Studies, that will help the center expand and maximize use of its funding base.