Annual Conference

November 11–12, 2016

University Center

Morgan University Center

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Every fall the Center for Big Bend Studies hosts a two-day conference in the Morgan University Center on the campus of Sul Ross State University.

The conference brings together historians, archaeologists, folklorists and other researchers studying the past and present of the Big Bend region and northern Mexico.

Attending the Conference

Conference attendees are also invited to renew old acquaintances and meet new friends at the complimentary Friday night social, followed by our annual banquet.

Center for Big Bend Studies members will receive a registration form in the mail several weeks before the conference that offers a discount for CBBS members and a discounted price for early registration. Registration can also be completed online at the CBBS store

Non-members may also register online at the CBBS store or download the registration form or request one by calling (432) 837-8179, faxing (432) 837-8381, e-mailing

Submitting Papers and Instructions for Presenters

Presentations are allotted 30 minutes, and we recommend that the presentation itself last no more than 20 minutes, to leave time for questions. If you would like to present, please complete the Call for Papers form and send materials to the Center for Big Bend Studies. For detailed instructions for presenters, see the Instructions page.

Presentations should focus on prehistoric, historic and modern cultures of the Borderlands Region of the United States and Mexico, with emphasis on the area encompassed by the greater Big Bend region of Texas or adjacent areas of West Texas and northern Mexico. Please prepare a Powerpoint slideshow to accompany your talk.

All presenters are encouraged to write up their presentation as a formal paper after the conference and submit it for consideration in the next fall's Journal of Big Bend Studies. Selected papers will be edited and published. It is not required that journal papers be presented at the conference, but all conference presenters may then write a paper on their or another topic and submit it to the journal. All papers are required to follow a specific format which can be referenced here.

Abstracts for the 2017 conference are due October 3.

2016 Conference Highlights

Banquet Speaker: Mary Margaret McAllen

2015 conference presentation

Seating is limited, so reserve your place as soon as possible. The banquet will begin at 7:00 p.m., immediately following the reception, and will be held in Conference Rooms A and B of the Vic and Mary Jane Morgan University Center.

Tentative List of Presenters and Titles

Presenter Title
Troy Ainsworth A Military Aviation First in 1911; or, When the Birdmen Flew over El Paso and Ciudad Juárez
Tom Alex Jose’s Cantina: A Seasonal Observation Site in Big Bend National Park
Sergio Ayala The Calf Creek Horizon in the Trans-Pecos
Boren, Roger and Beny Roberts Marking the Seasons: Solar-related Activities and Rock Art in the Big Bend Region of Texas
Al Borrego The Oñate Expedition 1598: Historic Truths and the Shaping of the American Southwest
R.B. (Ben) Brown What can Cástulo Herrera tell us about the Mexican Revolution?
Maria Fernanda Trevino Campero Title to be announced
Sam Cason A Report on Archeological Indigene Rock Structures in the Borderlands of Far West Texas
William A. Cloud Title to be announced
Rogelio Cortes Title to be announced
Linda Davis Robert Keil: The Man behind Bosque Bonito
Earl Elam Reminiscences of Pursuing Clio and Procrastinations in the Big Bend
Larry Francell How Indian Emily Saved Fort Davis
Maria Elena Ruiz Gallut Tlaloc: Concept and Images in Mesoamerica and Beyond
Tim Gibbs A Long-Awaited Return to El Solitario, Big Bend Ranch State Park
Bruce A. Glasrud Black Cowboys in the United States West
Taylor Greer Vision Quests in the Big Bend
Lindsey Griffin The Prehistory and History of Bee Cave Canyon
Caitlin Gulihur Rock Shelters and Open Sites in Eastern Brewster County
William F. Haenn Usual Duties of Troops Serving at Frontier Camps: The Post Returns from Camp Peña Colorado, Texas 1880-1893
Mark Howe The Red Bluff Dam Project – A 1930s New Deal Construction Project
David Keller Sangre del Cordero: Murder in Pinto Canyon during the Great Depression
John Klingemann "I Have the Honor to Report:" Villismo, Foreign Diplomacy and the United States Consuls in Northern Mexico
Tai Kreidler Cowboys and Aliens
Robert J. Mallouf Raspadores Enmangados: Revisiting an Enigmatic Prehistoric Implement from North-Central Mexico
C.M. Mayo Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution: Francisco I. Madero and His Secret Book, Spiritist Manual
Mary Margaret McAllen Maximilian and Carlota: Europe's Last Empire in Mexico
Manuel Ramos Medina The Revolutionary Documents of the Centro de Estudios de Historia de Mexico Carso: An Option to the Investigation
Rodrigo Molina, Taylor Greer, Lindsey Griffin Study Areas of the Trans-Pecos Archeological Program
Jose Francisco Aguilar Moreno Proyecto de La MisiÓn de San Bernardo, Guerreo, Coahuila
Paola Treviño Todd & Rodrigo García Myths and Legends of the Aztecs
Pilar Pedersen Update on Tarahumara Children in Bacabureachi
Susan Pittman Far Flung Adventure: The Lives of Nancy Lea and Gene Miller
Norman Porter U.S. Army Postcard Views Along the Border and the Town of El Polvo, 1911-1918
Jarrod Richter Geochemical Analysis of Tool-Stone Quarries in the Big Bend: Methodology to Match Tool with Quarry
Sherry Robinson Lipan Apaches: Forgotten People of the Border Region
Jorge Carrera Robles Let's talk about El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, yesterday and today
Oscar Rodriguez El Mulato, Chihuahua/Texas: A Continuing Light in the Desert
Pam Rosser The Restoration of Franciscan Frescoes in the Sacristy of the Alamo
Lucas Martinez Sanchez Venustiano Carranza in the Documentary Files of the General Archives of the State of Coahuila
Eric Schroeder On the Trail of the Cow People
Bryon Schroeder The Highs and the Lows: Can We Unravel the Correlation between Radiometric Data and Population Size in the Lower Trans-Pecos?
Eric Schroeder On the Trail of the Cow People
Thomas T. Smith The Texas National Guard in the Big Bend During the Mexican Revolution, 1916-1917
Enrique Chacón Soria INAH Investigations in the Chihuahuan Desert: The Ojinaga-El Encino Gas Pipeline
Leland Turner Lizzie Crosson: Big Bend Land and Cattle Magnate
Leland Turner Cattle: Currency of the Villa Revolution
Heribert von Feilitzsch In Defense of Madero: US- Mexican Cooperation on the border in 1912
Richard Walter Protohistoric and Historic Potters of the Big Bend
Paul Wright Finishing with a Bang and a Whimper: Big Bend Mining Towns in 1940