The Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of the Center for Big Bend Studies assists the center director in developing and maintaining a statement of purpose and goals for the center which are consistent with the educational, research and public service functions of the university; developing general policies required to attain the objectives of the center; assisting in the review and evaluation processes and in planning for subsequent activities; and developing recommendations for implementing, supplementing or changing the general administrative policies of the center.

Advisory Council Members

  • Félix D. Almaráz, Jr., San Antonio, Texas
  • J. P. Bryan, Houston, Texas
  • Paul Carlson, Ransom Canyon, Texas
  • Tom Crum, Granbury, Texas
  • Ken Durham, Alpine, Texas
  • David Fannin, Marfa, Texas
  • Pete P. Gallego, Alpine, Texas
  • Rick Hendricks, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Jerry Johnson, Alpine, Texas
  • John Klingemann, San Angelo, Texas
  • Ben Love, Marathon, Texas
  • Dr. Miguel A. Fdez. De Mazarambroz, J.D., Ph.D., Houston, Texas
  • J. Travis Roberts, Jr., Marathon, Texas
  • David G. Rogers, Alpine, Texas
  • J. Tillapaugh, Odessa, Texas
  • William Wright, Abilene, Texas

Ex Officio Members

  • Bill Kibler, Alpine, Texas
  • Melleta Bell, Alpine, Texas
  • Jim D. Case, Alpine, Texas
  • James W. Downing, Alpine, Texas
  • Mary Bones, Alpine, Texas
  • Mark Saka, Alpine, Texas

Honorary Members

  • Lonn Taylor, Ft. Davis, Texas
  • Ruben Osorio-Zuniga, Chihuahua, CH, Mexico
  • Neil Caldwell, Angleton, Texas
  • Claude B. Hudspeth, San Angelo, Texas

The Friends of the Center for Big Bend Studies

The Friends of the Center for Big Bend Studies was organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. The Board raises funds to support the mission and programs of CBBS; promotes CBBS as it fosters interdisciplinary scholarship of the diverse prehistoric, historic and modern cultures of the borderlands region of the U.S. and Mexico, with emphasis on the area encompassed by the Trans-Pecos Texas and north-central Mexico; provides funds in support of the operations of the CBBS as well as special projects of the Center; assists the CBBS in other endeavors as the Board may deem appropriate.

Friends of the Center for Big Bend Studies Members

  • Dr. Dave Cockrum, Alpine, Texas
  • Linda Duncan, San Antonio, Texas
  • Dr. Manuel Ramos Medina
  • Homer Mills, Alpine, Texas
  • G. E. (Pete) Peterson, Alpine, Texas
  • Mrs. Roxana McAllister Richardson
  • Ike Roberts, Marathon, Texas
  • J. Travis Roberts, Jr., Marathon, Texas
  • Martha Vera, El Paso, Texas

Ex Officio Members

  • Andy Cloud, Alpine, Texas
  • Dr. Bill Kibler, Alpine, Texas
  • Jim Castillo, Alpine, Texas